How to Analyze Dividend Stocks: A Guide (+ Checklist)

The Dividend Investor
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Are you a Dividend Investor looking to learn how to properly analyze stock picks? 

I created this E-book to help dividend investors increase their knowledge when it comes to analyzing dividend stocks – Without the complex language accountants and other finance-books use. I keep this sh*t simple

The Current State Of Things

Sadly, many dividend investors throw their money at investments they don't completely understand. They hear about $AABV (Abbvie) & $KO (Coca Cola) but couldn't explain to you why these picks are solid long-term investments, or how the companies manage their cash flow – what is cash flow anyway?

This E-book is a Dividend Investors Best Friend

How to Analyze Dividend Stocks will take you from understanding the surface of a business to understand the depths of what makes it a good or bad investment. I'll walk you through things like:

  • What is a cashflow statement?
  • What is free cash flow?
  • What is the P/E Ratio a measure of?
  • What am I meant to analyze when picking stocks?
  • Can businesses sustain their dividends?
  • And much, much more. 

Completely Beginner Friendly

I've written this E-book using simple English. You don't need to be an accountant or a financial advisor to understand how to analyze how to invest your money. 

  • Ebook + Stock Analysis Checklist!

  • Size
    634 KB
  • Length
    21 pages
  • Ebook + Stock Analysis Checklist!
  • Size634 KB
  • Length21 pages
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How to Analyze Dividend Stocks: A Guide (+ Checklist)

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